do craftsman tools have a warranty

Do Craftsman Tools Have a Lifetime Warranty

craftsman tool warranty

Craftsman 500pc Mechanics Tool Set

Do Craftsman Tools Have a Lifetime Warranty?

You bought a set of Craftsman tools a few years ago - when you were certain they had a warranty. Let's face it, tool warranties are a big reason why you invest in a good tool brand, like Craftsman.

But now that they've sold to Stanley Black & Decker, you're not sure if Craftsman tools have a lifetime warranty.

The answer to this question is yes and no.

Some Craftsman tools have a lifetime warranty, and others have a different warranty.

And, frankly, how the warranty is interpreted can be subject to the whim of the sales person at Sears.

Did they have a bad day?

Are they less than helpful?

It could boil down to that.

For most tools, they will honor the original warranty. If you are not sure where your tool falls in Craftsman tool warranty area, check the Warranty Information page for specifics.

Craftsman statement about the Craftsman Lifetime Warranty:

When you head over to the Craftsman website, there's a page with all the categories of tools you could have ever bought... and their basic statement on the website features the following about the Craftsman Tool Lifetime Warranty:​

We understand the Craftsman warranties are important to existing customers and intend to honor existing and offer similar warranties going forward. Craftsman branded products will continue to be covered under their existing warranties. In the immediate term, there are no changes to how you will get service regarding your warranty. For more information about this process, please call us at 888-331-4569. Revised June 22, 2017
do craftsman tools have a lifetime warranty

And, if you are just curious about hand tools, here's a summary from another resource:

The lifetime warranty only applies to hand tools and not to things that are meant to wear out, like saw blades.  - Masslive

Check the warranty information page above to find out if the tool you've broken is covered or not.

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