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Woodpecker Tools Reviews – Precision Woodworking Tools

Why in the hell would you want to spend more money than you have to when buying tools?

Because Woodpecker tools reviews are always stellar.

Your woodworking shop deserves the best tools you can buy... You don't want to hang cabinets and try to square things up with an imprecise tool, now do you?

And, you don't want to re-purchase a tool in a few months because you spent your hard earned money on garbage tools from a second rate tool brand, now do you?​

Woodpecker is one of the best woodworking tool brands you can buy -  their accuracy will show in your craftsmanship - and they are heirloom quality, ie.. you can pass them down for generations.

Woodpecker woodworking products are made in the USA by precision tool and die makers. Woodpecker does their own machining, assembly, engraving and packaging to ensure that the money you invest, and you will be spending good money on their tools, are shipped without incident or damage.

The Pros of Woodpecker tools:

  • Made in USA
  • Precision machined to ensure quality
  • Measurements are precise
  • Made from expensive materials
  • Machine shop accuracy for the home woodworker
  • Rock solid products and legendary quality (ok, that's subjective, but accurate!)

The Cons of Woodpecker tools:

  • Can be more expensive than the next woodworking brand (but for a reason - see above)

Who is Woodpecker Woodworking Tools?

Established in 1988, Woodpeckers focus has always been top tier woodworking tools. To add to their line of woodworking tools, they have been manufacturing router tables and router mounting plates since 1993.

Woodpecker also makes router lifts, drill press & router fences, measuring and layout tools, and other quality woodworking accessories - all made in the USA.

Woodpeckers is proud to make truly American made router tools and accessories for guys like you who want American made products outfitting their woodworking shop.

Woodpecker Tools Reviews

Woodpecker tools reviews are almost always 100% satisfaction. If someone does complain, it's either because they had a random bad experience with customer service, but they may just be a difficult person to start with... or someone may complain about the price.

The quality reviews and ease of use for Woodpecker tools from customers is generally never negative.  In fact, most customers can't say enough positive words about their Woodpecker product purchases. Woodpecker has achieved what most companies strive for, superior quality and satisfied customers.

Buy Woodpecker tools for your shop. Forget the price (if you can) because once you start using their tools, you'll never go back to sub-par quality.

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